Fun Photobooths

One of the most popular activities at a rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, or any other event is a photobooth! Guests love dressing up in silly accessories and cramming into a photobooth to take pictures with each other.


These photos can play important roles later on: each of the guests can take one of the two copies printed out, or they can leave one of the copies in a basket near the photo booth for the bride and groom to save as keepsakes. Some of our brides have made collages of the photos to hang in their home. Other times, the guests have participated by gluing their own pictures into a scrapbook or onto a poster (Be careful, though, if the involvement is too detailed, it takes away from the energy of the party and people get turned-off by being pressured into doing an arts and crafts project).


Additionally, the photos are stored on a disk that the newlyweds can keep for all the pictures (as a word of caution, be careful about the pictures you take because they will be on the disk forever).


There are lots of variations on photobooths, each of them tons of fun, and you can choose which one fits your preference on your special day!


Here is an example of pictures from a traditional photobooth (a single compact unit that can fit 2 people comfortably, guests step in and sit down):


There are sometimes fun borders that can be customized to pictures:


Other times, the theme can be used to make a memorable background for pictures. This is an example of a more spacious open-air photobooth that the participants stand in (keep in mind that it takes up more room than the compact photobooth):


It’s a good idea to bring funny props for the guests to use in the photobooth (funny hats, boas, etc). This is another example of an open-air photobooth:


At one event at a ranch, we had photographers take Western-style photos in black and white which the guests thought was one of the most fun activities!


Finally, there is a new type of photobooth called a “Photobooth 360” which allows up to 8 people to take an amazing photo together. These photobooths are assembled on-site, and take more space than a traditional photobooth.

Guests enter a tent with a green-screen, and a camera in the middle rotates 360 degrees, capturing almost the full body of each person in the tent. The image is printed on a single strip with a personalized background for the guests to keep.


With these fun photobooth ideas, the memories of using the photobooth will last as long as the pictures will!

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